DESPITE the challenges perpetuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Always has successfully completed the donation of 200,000 pads to secondary schools across Jamaica, and to the Ministry of Health and Wellness for COVID relief efforts with its #EndPeriodPoverty campaign.

The campaign began in February to help increase access to feminine hygiene products for girls in challenging economic circumstances so they can stay confident and remain in school. This was halted when schools were closed.

The distribution resumed recently for the second-consecutive year. Always and HerFlow Foundation distributed sanitary napkins to one secondary school in each parish. A total 180,000 pads (or 18,000 packs) were distributed to targeted schools Norman Manley High, Kingston; Ascot High, St Catherine; Christiana High, Manchester; Foga Road High, Clarendon; St Mary's College, St Andrew; Tacky High, St Mary; Troy High, Trelawny; Spot Valley High, St James; Steer Town High, St Ann; Buff Bay High, Portland; Seaforth High, St Thomas; Lewisville High, St Elizabeth; Maud McLeod High, Westmoreland; and Merlene Ottey High, Hanover. The selection of schools was based on the combined recommendations of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and HerFlow Foundation, which had previously partnered with Always.

Recognising the need to provide continuous support to communities, Consumer Brands Limited, the distribution and marketing company for Always in Jamaica, also donated a total of 20,000 Always pads to the Ministry of Health and Wellness to assist some families who were affected by the pandemic.

“We have been working assiduously to reach our girls and families as we know this year was a challenging one,” said Gabrielle Sang, marketing manager at Consumer Brands Limited. “Lack of access to period products or period poverty is happening right here in Jamaica and the Always brand will continue in the effort to overcome this problem.”